We have updated our desktop application

The update includes several bugfixes and minor issues. If you have VideoWorkLink (VWL) already installed after launching the application you will see the following window: Just press Install button and everything will be working as good as before. This window appears because we have re-signed application’s executable files. If you have any issues, questions or ideas […]

Какую проблему решает VideoWorkLink?

Отсутствие спонтанной коммуникации в творческих командах (дизайнеров, программистов, архитекторов и т.д.), разбросанных по разным местам (комнатам в офисе, городам, странам), является проблемой, которую вам необходимо решить, чтобы ваша команда была единым слаженным целым. Разбросанный коллектив похож на сеть отдельных независимых людей, а не на объединенное целое. Это похоже на офис, в котором коллеги находятся в […]

VideoWorkLink is available for download

After many months of hard work, the product is finally available for download. Here how it looks like: Dear friends, I encourage you to try it out! Since it is a test release, the product will collect a usage statistics and record audio & video feeds. Since your audio feed will be recorded, you can […]

5 years have passed…

As you can see, the previous post dated 2012, and there was nothing published after that for 5 years. What happened, you might ask? The project wasn’t dead all these years, quite contrary, under the surface, it was very much alive. I have done a lot of work in the last 5 years. What was […]