How can a team of 5 communicate 20 times faster

VideoWorkLink (VWL) boosts the speed of remote work by speeding up your communication with remote teammates. Below you can find info-graphic illustrating how VWL can speed up communication up to 20 times for the team of 5. The left column (Old Way) illustrates how most remote teams communicate today – asynchronously using video-calling. The right […]

Какую проблему решает VideoWorkLink?

Отсутствие спонтанной коммуникации в творческих командах (дизайнеров, программистов, архитекторов и т.д.), разбросанных по разным местам (комнатам в офисе, городам, странам), является проблемой, которую вам необходимо решить, чтобы ваша команда была единым слаженным целым. Разбросанный коллектив похож на сеть отдельных независимых людей, а не на объединенное целое. Это похоже на офис, в котором коллеги находятся в […]

What problem does VideoWorkLink solve?

Lack of spontaneous communication in teams scattered over different locations (rooms, offices, cities, countries) is the problem that you need to solve in order for your team to be a single cohesive unit. A scattered team is like a network of isolated autonomous individuals rather than a connected whole. It is like being in the […]

VideoWorkLink is available for download

After many months of hard work, the product is finally available for download. Here how it looks like: Dear friends, I encourage you to try it out! Since it is a test release, the product will collect a usage statistics and record audio & video feeds. Since your audio feed will be recorded, you can […]

5 years have passed…

As you can see, the previous post dated 2012, and there was nothing published after that for 5 years. What happened, you might ask? The project wasn’t dead all these years, quite contrary, under the surface, it was very much alive. I have done a lot of work in the last 5 years. What was […]