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  • Comfortable video presence balanced with privacy.
  • Designed for spontaneous communication.
  • Customizable privacy to achieve maximum level of comfort.
  • Convenient shortcuts to (un)mute your microphone in a split second.
  • No distracting sounds:
    • Possibility to adjust volume of sound coming from others.
  • No mic worries:
    • Big & clear indication of whether it’s (un)muted.
  • No registration needed.
  • No eavesdropping. According to our EULA, we do not collect or store your audio and video.
  • Install and setup take only 1 minute.
  • Easy to leave it running all working day:
    • Low CPU-resources consumption.
    • Low bandwidth consumption:
      • For a team of 5, it consumes only 1% of 100 Mbps bandwidth network.


VideoWokrLink is closed and re-launched as

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Last update: 11/09/2021