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Unlike others, VWL provides privacy features for a comfortable continuous video connection:

1. You are blurred by default

Others can see that you are present but can’t see the details of what you are doing at the moment.

Blurred view of a teammate
Ease of gaining additional awareness (in one click).

2. Unblur in one click

It takes one click to gradually unblur a user.

3. Notification seconds before unblur

You receive big and clear notification that a user will gradually unblur you in a few seconds.

Unblur Notification

4. Video is mutual or voluntary

You set the video mode (on the left), which will be applied to every team member.

5. Set up how many seconds it will take to gradually unblur a user

The minimum is 3 seconds. You set this up for the whole team.

Set up unblur time

(click to enlarge)

Set the size of videos

(click to enlarge)

6. Equal sizes of everyone’s live videos

You set up the size of live video feeds of all users.

For a team of 5, it consumes only 1% of 100 Mbps bandwidth network.

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Last updated: 06/24/2020