How to try VideoWorkLink on Mac OS X?

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Although VideoWorkLink is currently developed only for Windows, there is a way that you can use it on Mac OS X and other non-Windows operating systems in a convenient fashion.

On your Mac, you can play a free Windows 7 virtual machine with VideoWorkLink installed on it.

You can play the virtual machine on a separate monitor if you have more than one. If you have only one monitor, then a beautiful option would be to play the virtual machine in so-called Seamless Mode. The mode in which user interfaces of two operating systems are combined on a single screen:

VideoWorkLink on Mac OS X in VirtualBox working in Seamless Mode

Using this mode, you can have a fully functioning VideoWorkLink desktop application with all its nice windows appearing in the right places, with all your favorite Mac programs and features – all on the same screen. It’s quite nice, really. And it won’t cost you a dime.

Here is how you can do that:

1. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox (free download) as shown in the following video:

2. Download a free Windows virtual machine image from Microsoft. Make sure you choose VirtualBox platform in the drop down list.

3. Extract ZIP archive of downloaded virtual machine image by right-clicking on the ZIP file, select Open With > Archive Utility. Alternatively, use The Unarchiver (free download) or any other modern, 3rd-party utility that can handle the Zip64 format. Note: the unzip utility for OS X may work, but you need to have v6.0 or greater for Zip64 support.

4. Launch VirtualBox and click File > Import Appliance.

5. In the Appliance to Import window press a folder icon and select OVA file extracted from the ZIP archive, like that:

6. Launch the virtual machine created from the appliance.

7. In a menu of the virtual machine window select Devices > Web cameras > Your web-camera name, like that:

8. Wait until Windows installs a device driver for your web-camera. Click on the bubble message shown below to see status of the installation.

9. On the Windows virtual machine download and install VideoWorkLink as described in this manual.

10. Switch VirtualBox to Seamless Mode by selecting View > Seamless Mode in the menu of virtual machine window.

11. Enjoy using VideoWorkLink on Mac!

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Last updated: 09/10/2019