How to try VideoWorkLink for Windows?

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Download & run

1. In order to download VideoWorkLink for Windows, simply click the Download link, and then click the big blue button with ‘InstallVideoWorkLink.exe’ in “VideoWorkLink for Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10)” section of the download page.

2. If your browser asks you the question like “Do you want to run or save setup.exe from”, press Run.

3. VideoWorkLink is not yet commonly downloaded program, that’s why you are likely to see a warning message in your browser like this:

In Internet Explorer

In Chrome

4. Do the following to bypass the warning and run the program:

In Chrome

  • Press the Arrow button then press Keep.

In Internet Explorer

  • Click Actions button. You will likely see a scary Smart Screen Filter window like that:

  • Don’t be afraid of that message. Just click More Options and then click Run anyway.

On Windows Vista only:

In order to launch setup.exe on Windows Vista, you might have to unblock the file. To do that, save the file on disk, then right click the saved file and select Properties. In Properties window, go to General tab and check Unblock box as shown below:



After downloading and running ‘InstallVideoWorkLink.exe’ as described above in Download & Run section, you will go through the installation procedure.

The installation procedure is in many ways self explanatory. Here are few moments that need to be explained:

  • In order to function, VideoWorkLink needs .Net Framework 4.5 and Flash Player for Internet Explorer installed on your computer. Setup.exe will install them if you don’t have them already installed on your computer. If you see a prompt message like “The following components will be installed on your machine”, press Install button.
  • Press Install button when you see the Security Warning message below:

This message appears, because VideoWorkLink was released quite recently.

When the installation is completed, setup puts a VideoWorkLink icon on your desktop and launches the program for the first time.

First launch

1. When the installation is completed, setup launches the program for the first time. At this point you will likely see such message:

SmartScreen message in Windows 10

Security warning in Windows 7

This message appears, because VideoWorkLink was released quite recently, and we haven’t yet bought a digital certificate recognized by Microsoft to sign executable files of the program.

Click More info or Run.

Afterwards, click Run anyway in Windows 10:

2. Wait for 10 – 15 seconds until program’s main window appears on the screen.

3. Select microphone and camera in the boxes at the top of the window:

4. If you are the first person in your team who launched VideoWorkLink, then click Create a Linkup button and follow the instructions on the screen.

5. After creating a Linkup, press Add colleagues button:

6. Copy Linkup ID and send it to your teammates via email, chat or whatever.

7. If some of your teammates have already launched VideoWorkLink and created a Linkup, then ask him to send you a Linkup ID.

8. Click Link Up button and submit a Linkup ID received from your teammate.

9. Enjoy being together no matter where you are!

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Last updated: 09/10/2019