Your team moved to remote work due to COVID-19?

VideoWorkLink (VWL) creates a sense of privacy so you can leave the video turned on and work close to each other.

VWL's individual sense of privacy by appearing blurred for others.

Team members are keeping their privacy by looking blurred to others.

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VideoWokrLink is closed and re-launched as


Connect via live video

VWL provides a continuous video connection with colleagues:

  • See everyone’s presence, availability
  • Talk to everyone immediately
  • Overhear conversations
  • You are blurred by default
  • Click to unblur a teammate
  • Confirm your unblur
  • Video is mutual or voluntary
  • No eavesdropping
  • No distracting sounds
  • No microphone worries
  • More features…

For a team of 5, it consumes only 1% of 100 Mbps bandwidth network.


Sense of privacy

Unlike others, VWL provides visual privacy features to create a sense of privacy:

1. You are blurred by default

Others can see that you are present but can’t see the details of what you are doing at the moment.

VWL's privacy by appearing blurred for others.


Click to unblur

2. Click to unblur

Click to gradually unblur a teammate.

3. Confirm your unblur

You decide if you will be unblurred or not.

Confirmation before unblur.

Video is mutual

4. Video is mutual

Only those who have turned on their cameras can see you.


5. More visual privacy features…


No eavesdropping

According to our End-User License Agreement (EULA), “the Software does not collect or store your audio and video communications, but serves only as a transmitter of your audio and video communications between you and other users of the Software.”


Use your own video server

Contact us and we will help you to roll out your own cloud video server.



As a result of using VWL, you get:

  • No extra work iterations due to slow coordination
  • A well-coordinated team with remote workers
  • Your office teammates won’t forget about your existence
  • Virtual space to socialize and have fun together
  • A complete video communication when used together with Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • More benefits…



We are in beta; all current releases are totally free to use.

Once out of beta we will be moving to a monthly plan and a free trial.

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Last update: 11/09/2021