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Remote work is challenging with:

  • Too much text chat
  • Not enough face-to-face
  • Sporadic contact
  • Technological barriers

Making video calls is slow and awkward. It takes time to plan and then the technology breaks down.

Remote based team is suffering:

  • Less work being done.
  • Delayed project feedback.
  • No visibility for who is open to chat.
  • Remote workers feel disconnected.
  • Onboarding / mentoring is painful.
  • Recurring misunderstandings.

Remote work that’s easily accessible

VWL provides video communication that makes remote work easily accessible for teams.

It connects remote teammates via live video, providing an individual sense of privacy.

VWL is designed in a way that enables your team to remain connected via live video.

1. Build a sense of togetherness

VWL provides comfortable audiovisual presence, balanced with privacy:

Video presence with comfortable degree of privacy.

  • See who is present and available for the “one team” feel.

2. Have an individual sense of privacy

Stay connected but protect your privacy. Have your camera turned on without feeling discomfort:

Ease of gaining additional awareness (in one click).

  • You are blurred by default
  • You are notified when unblurred

3. Communicate naturally, laugh together

  • Ad Hoc chatting because you know who is present, available, and who can hear you.
  • Instant on/off microphone.
  • Quick personal contact with teammates in a non-intrusive way:

Quick (in one click) close engagement of a teammate.


  • You know who is talking with whom.
  • Coordinate, exchange ideas and ask for help — instantly.

The result is natural communication

With VWL you can have a natural communication that makes remote work easily accessible:

  • Hire more of remote workers
  • Stop losing time & money on difficult communication
  • Eliminate uncertainty & build trust
  • Boost the speed of remote work
  • Make remote work fun & natural
  • Onboard with ease
  • And more…


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