The problem of disconnection

How VideoWorkLink helps to solve it?

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The Problem

Disconnection between remote team members leads to mostly text-based communication between them with infrequent audio/video calling and even more infrequent team audio/video calling. This leads to:

  • Less work being done.
  • Team members are not as timely in giving each other feedback on the directions their joint work should go.
  • Lack of awareness of who is present and available.
  • Lacking “a sense of a team”.
  • “Out of sight, out of mind.” Isolation of remote workers from on-site workers.
  • Difficulties of onboarding and mentoring of newly hired remote workers.
  • Establishing trust with newly hired remote workers takes a long time.
  • Uneven distribution of information among teammates.
  • And more…

The Solution

Download VideoWorkLink for WindowsDesktop application.
No registration needed.
Install and setup take only 1 minute.

VideoWorkLink helps to solve the problem of disconnection by providing:

1. Continuous audiovisual connection

VideoWorkLink provides comfortable continuous audiovisual presence balanced with privacy:

Video presence with comfortable degree of privacy.

That allows you to be aware who is present and available. It helps to have a “sense of a team”.

VideoWorkLink provides several modes of working with a camera that allows all team members to continuously have it turned on without feeling discomfort.

It takes only one click to gain additional awareness:

Ease of gaining additional awareness (in one click).

2. Possibility for spontaneous communication

The product is designed to support spontaneous communication:

  • You can just talk to your teammates because you know who is present, available, and who can hear you.
  • It allows instantly switching your microphone on and off.
  • You can quickly enter in a close contact with your teammate in a non-intrusive way:

Quick (in one click) close engagement of a teammate.


  • It gives you additional awareness of who is in a contact with whom and other communication clues.

All of that helps to create a continuous team communication that helps everyone to be “in the zone”, quickly coordinate work, exchange ideas and ask for help. It allows having a better understanding how newly hired team members work by having them constantly present.


In addition to solving the problem of disconnection, VideoWorkLink provides many benefits for your team and business. Read about them right here…

Download VideoWorkLink for WindowsDesktop application.
No registration needed.
Install and setup take only 1 minute.

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