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For your team

Eliminate uncertainty and worry

As a manager of a remote team, you might feel uncertainty and worry because you don’t see remote employees, don’t hear them and can’t derive any information out of social cues.

You are not aware of their state, moods, overall situation because they are not constantly visible, hearable and accessible for a close contact.

VideoWorkLink (VWL) opens up your remote employees — makes them constantly visible, hearable and accessible for a close contact.

All of that creates a feeling that the situation is clear and is under control, and allows you to exercise more influence over your remote employees.

VWL is designed in the way that respects privacy, that is why it feels comfortable for you and your remote employees.

Makes it easier to onboard remote employees

VideoWorkLink (VWL) provides a sense of presence and a possibility for spontaneous communication, that makes it easier for you to onboard remote employees.

VWL helps to understand how a remote employee communicates and works. It allows you to instantly guide him, to ask and answer questions. It fosters better mutual understanding and fast development of trust.

Boost speed of remote work

Due to the disconnection, remote work might be awkward and slow.

VideoWorkLink (VWL) allows you to communicate spontaneously, instantly exchange ideas and ask questions.

With VWL there are no barriers to your communication. Your team quickly coordinates work directions and decisions. All of that boosts the speed of your team’s remote collaboration.

Be around your remote team mates

If you are working remotely for a long time then you probably know how lonely that could be.

VideoWorkLink (VWL) allows you “to be around” your remote teammates. It links you up together via video. You can see each other and spontaneously talk to each other. You can throw some jokes around, see that others are present and reacting.

It creates a sense of togetherness with remote teammates and makes your remote working to be natural and fun.

For your business

Hire more of remote workers

VideoWorkLink makes it easier for you to integrate remote workers into your business. This opens up a possibility for hiring more of skilled remote workers for a reasonable price, which gives you a significant competitive advantage and allows you to expand your business by hiring remote employees with different skills.

Make your employees happier

With all the benefits for teams, you can allow your employees to work remotely more often, which will lead to lesser turnover and will make your employees happier.

Create a company culture while working remotely

Constant voice/video communication provided by VideoWorkLink allows you to constantly educate employees; promote company culture and values among them while working remotely.

Make your company less dependent on the office

With VideoWorkLink, it is going to be easier for your company to move to another office because it would be easier for your team to work from home without losing productivity while moving.

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