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Founder of VideoWorkLink. Software engineer and entrepreneur with 12 years of experience.

5 years have passed…

As you can see, the previous post dated 2012, and there was nothing published after that for 5 years. What happened, you might ask?

The project wasn’t dead all these years, quite contrary, under the surface, it was very much alive.

I have done a lot of work in the last 5 years.

What was done in the last 5 years?

  • Market research
  • Research of existing patents
  • Study of scientific research on the subject
  • Research & development of the product including:
    • Prototyping and demoing different product designs to potential users
    • Experimentation with different design ideas
    • Product development from scratch
  • Search for potential customers and attempts to sell the idea

Why it took so much time? Well, I have to make my living working on a regular job; I am working on this project on my spare time. Yes, it is a fully bootstrapped project.

What’s next?

  • The product will go live within next few weeks.
  • Every 1 – 2 weeks I will publish an article on the product, its design and idea behind it. It is going to be interesting. A lot of original content with new ideas coming soon.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for updates!

It Feels Like A Real Office With Your Video Workers On iPad Positioned Off To The Side

Dear present and future customers, welcome to VideoWorkLink blog!

This is the first post in VideoWorkLink blog.

In our blog we will write about our product and idea behind it. In this blog we will try to convince you that our approach towards online work is so viable that it can significantly improve the way you work remotely.

Stay with us because we will do our best to give you maximum interesting and useful information about our platform and about future of online work.

In all sincerity,
Oleg I. Galkin
Founder of VideoWorkLink

Julia Camenisch in her blog post described very interesting approach which is in fact can be very suitable for VideoWorkLink users. Here is the excerpt from the article in which an experience with always-on video conferencing is described:

Always-on video conferencing was the partial answer — but there were still a few kinks to work out. “One of the pieces of feedback I received from my team was that they thought it was eerie to use video conferencing software on their computers, because the built-in computer-webcams were focused right on their faces,” she said. “It felt stalkerish.”

So Yin improvised. She had employees position the iPads off to the side. Not only did this solve the continual “Big Brother watching overhead” vibe, but it also felt more natural. With the new arrangement, employees saw each others’ profiles and felt almost like they were sitting side by side. According to Yin, “this resonated with the team.”

Online workers who are working through ‘always-on video conferencing’ are, in fact, users of our platform: Video Workers. So, to have your Video Workers on iPad that is placed near you can be a very beautiful solution which can produce a feeling of a real office as close as possible!