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Is your creative team (of programmers, designers, architects, etc.) scattered across different rooms in the office, different cities or countries?

VideoWorkLink (VWL)(pronounced: “vee vee el”) is a software product that allows you to link up with teammates via video – for the whole working day.

It provides audiovisual presence balanced with privacy.

The product allows you to instantly enter into a close contact with a colleague; to spontaneously communicate with teammates.

It allows you to work together as a unified team no matter how scattered.

Download VideoWorkLink for WindowsNo registration needed.
Install and setup take only 1 minute.

What does the product look like?

Product screenshot

What problem does it solve?

Lack of spontaneous communication in distributed teams is the problem that you need to solve in order for your team to be a single cohesive unit.

Read more about the problem and how VideoWorkLink helps solving it.

How much does it cost?

It is free. In the future we plan to charge per user per month. There will be a free trial.

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