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What is VideoWorkLink?

VideoWorkLink is a software for comfortable continuous video communication.

  • VideoWorkLink makes it easy to work with remote creative knowledge workers (programmers, designers, writers, etc.)
  • Unlike Skype and similar software,
  • it allows to have continuous video communication (throughout whole working day) with comfortable audio visual presence and possibility of quick engagement,
  • that results in frequent spontaneous communication between remote workers,
  • which makes remote work – easy and natural.
Download VideoWorkLink for WindowsSystem requirements: Windows Vista/7/8/10.
No registration needed.
Install and setup takes only 1 minute.


  • Instant communication with remote co-workers.
  • A sense of connection, of one team with remote co-workers.
  • Increased creativity and innovation while working remotely.
  • Possibility to start a startup with geographically distributed team of founders.
  • More possibilities for hiring remote workers.
  • No more estrangement of remote workers from on-site workers.
  • Lower costs of working with freelancers.


  • Provides comfortable video-presence.
  • Designed to support spontaneous communication.
  • High awareness of co-workers’ communication activities.
  • No registration needed.
  • Install and setup takes only 1 minute.
  • Low CPU-resources consumption.
  • Low bandwidth consumption.


  • Always-on audio visual connection.
  • Video presence with comfortable degree of privacy.
  • Ease of gaining additional awareness (in one click).
  • Quick (in one click) close engagement of a teammate.
  • High awareness of teammates communication activities.
  • Quick microphone and camera turning off and on.

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