VideoWorkLink (VWL) makes it easy for teams to work fully remote.

VWL connects remote teammates via live video, providing an individual sense of privacy.

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Desktop application
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Connect via live video

VWL allows your team to communicate as if you are sitting together around one large table divided by translucent privacy panels.

Like that:

Desktop application screenshot

  • See everyone’s presence
  • Talk to everyone as in the same room
  • Overhear conversations
  • Privacy by design and by default
  • One click for an unconstrained visual contact
  • And more…

For a team of 5, it consumes only 1% of 100 Mbps bandwidth network.


Individual sense of privacy

VWL provides an individual sense of privacy. It enables your team to remain connected via live video.

You are blurred by default

You can see that a teammate is present but can’t see the details of what he is doing at the moment.

Blurred view of a teammate
Ease of gaining additional awareness (in one click).

Gradual unblur with a button click

It takes a few seconds to gradually unblur a user in order for him to prepare for a contact.

You are notified when unblurred

You receive a notification that a user will gradually unblur you in a few seconds.

Unblur Notification
Set up unblur time

(click to enlarge)

Set up how many seconds it will take to gradually unblur a user

You set this up before your team goes live. The minimum is 3 seconds.

…and more


What benefits do you get

  • Close-knit team of remote workers
  • Fast work coordination
  • Virtual space to socialize with one another
  • Close communication during crunch time
  • And more…


Download & Try VWL

Desktop application
No registration
Simple setup
Free to use


How much does it cost?

Free - Burst Badge OrangeWe are in beta; all current releases are totally free to use.

Once out of beta we will be moving to a monthly plan and a free trial.

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